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Registration will be accepted up to and including the day of the event.


We have nearly reached our goal of $1 million for the endowment fund supporting leukemia research.


This is a fun ride, not a race, through the rolling hills of Los Altos. Choose from 3 different routes; 10, 20 or 35 miles.

About Us

We have nearly reached our goal of $1 million for the endowment fund supporting leukemia research.
Please help us in this final year and generously contribute to this final Ben Ride! We welcome any support you can give us!

Your minimum $25 donation  includes a commemorative T-shirt and lunch.


Top Tips For Your First Cycling Race

The big day is fast approaching. You’ve been waiting for this for what feels like an eternity. But you’re also nervous as well as anxious as this is your first time!

There is no doubt that you’ll be feeling a little excited. After all, you have been training for a long time, and you’re now used to riding in a group. But before you head out, check these tips out as these may help you for your first race as well as the future.

The course

It is vital to at least have an idea about the course. The race organizers, not all though, will have a map that they can share so that you can prepare well in advance. If you are keen, you can also ride parts of the track or the whole course beforehand. Courses that have hilly sections require the most planning as you would have to manage your energy and stamina so that you aren’t left with anything after you’re past them. You also need to know all about the hazards that the course may have.

Group riding

If you aren’t used to riding in a group, then you must train with one as much as you can so that you’ll get the hang of riding in closely packed units at high speeds. See if your local cycling group is up for chaingang sessions as this can help you improve your group riding skills. By doing so, you’ll not only develop your skills but also teach you about cycling etiquettes that you should be aware of.

Your gear

Make sure you have everything that you need on the eve of the race. You should also note what the weather will be like the next day in order to pack in accordance with it. Maintain a checklist which should include things such as bib shorts, shoes, helmet, and gloves. If the weather demands, pack a jacket or a cape. Your license is something that you need to carry at all times since some races mandate its requirement.

Food and refreshments

Along with the gear that you pack, you should also have water bottles that are filled. Energy bars and gels are great if you require a quick boost. Pack as many as the race course demands. For instance, if the course spans for a minimum of one hour, make sure you have at least a gel and bottle. If the route is longer, carry something to eat as well since you’re going to lose nearly 500 calories every hour after the first.

Top Cycle Races Around The World

There are plenty of cycling events all around the world and plenty of watchers that love the sport. Some even stay up late or wake up early to witness these live as most of these will be happening in multiple time zones away. Although Tour de France remains the most popular cycling event in the world, let us look at some of the best cycle races that you can witness.

Tour de France

Let us start with the big one, the Tour de France.

Tour de France was first held more than a century ago in the year 1903, and although it had lesser stages when compared to the other Grand Tour races, the course was nearly 2500km long. The modern Tour de France lasts for 21 days and, on average, features a course that spans 2,200 km. This race is one that great racers never fail to miss. The course also features mountain stages which include the Alps or the Pyrenees. It is in these areas that the losers are finalized. Because of this, race organizers also consider the time as well. 

Vuelta a Espana

The Vuelta a Espana is organized between August and September. It is also the youngest race that is part of the Grand Tours as it was only started in the year 1935. Stars that are injured look to compete in the Vuelta e Espana as they look to recover from their injury. This results in unpredictable and never-before-seen results that are very much unique to the event itself. It also serves as proving grounds for talents that are new and emerging. Since the race is held in Spain, it is very likely that the winner is also a Spaniard.

Amgen Tour of California

The AToC first began in the year 2006 and ever since the first race, it has become an essential part of the American cycling scene. The competition is held for eight days and covers a distance that ranges from 1000km to 1200 km. AToC features racers from the UCI Protreams although it coincides with Giro. Since the course is set in California, there is plenty of diversity when it comes to the terrains offered such as the Sierra foothills and the Central Valley. The race is also streamed live for free at every stage of the competition.

Giro d’Italia

First started in the year 1909, the “La Corsa Rosa” is also a part of the Grand Tour among the likes of Vuelta e Espana and Tour de France. The course is set in such a way that it includes the Dolomites and the Alps. Giro d’Italia also has fans that are very passionate about the competition. Although the weather can be harsh, since the race is held between May and June, the mountain stages include Individual Time Trial segments.

Pro Cycling Tips

It doesn’t matter if you’ve only starting or been cycling for a decade because improvement is key to both kinds of people. This is why cyclists who ride professionally also look for tips from their experienced counterparts. You’ll learn a great deal from other cyclists who have been in the game for years.

Here are tips that apply to both men and women who have been cycling for years.

The right kind of people

The group that you ride with have the power to influence you hugely. Most pros, stress on the importance of having fun while you ride as not everything is a grind. By doing so, you’ll start enjoying the experience. Be friends with cyclists who are keen on making it enjoyable all the way. You’ll begin to feel comfortable when you’re around them as to riding with people who are only in it to be at the very top. Since finding the right group can be a trying ordeal, you shouldn’t be discouraged to try different groups before settling in with one.

Master corners

If you are a beginner, you’ll find handling corners can be a handful. Even pros find cornering to be difficult, but with the right technique, you can master the art of corning with minimal effort. As with any task, you have to start strong and to do that while cornering, it is vital to focus on how you enter the turn. While you approach, start slowing down before you hit the turn. Remember not to apply brakes while you turn as this will increase the chance of crashing or even losing control. Concentrate on where you’d like to go instead of where you do not.

Seating position

Although it might seem better to veer more towards the hood of the handlebars as this may allow you to shift and brake better, it isn’t advisable to do so since you’re more likely to lose control. This is why it is best to ride in the lower part of the handlebars, called drops, as this will be the most stable while you ride downhill and at very high speeds. This may seem difficult at first since you won’t be comfortable, but you can always shift back to the handlebars at any time.

Riding downhill

Speaking of riding downhill, there are plenty of cyclists out there that have felt the wind working against them. It is perfectly fine to reduce speed as you should be confident and in control. But one thing that you should keep in mind is that you must keep your eyes ahead instead of keeping them on the ground as you should be wary of incoming traffic.